Who can participate?

The payroll employees of the companies can participate in the competition. Applications are made only through the corporate companies, individual applications are not evaluated.

Is there a participation fee?
The companies, willing to participate with their teams have to pay the participation fee (5.000 TL + VAT / team) to the official bank account and send the bank receit together with the application forms to basvuru@ofistenmutfaga.com e-mail address. For each team the application fee has to be paid. Participants will not be paying any extras such as ; all necessary materials (aprons, caps, knives, kitchen equipment and consumables), workshops, trainings and participation in the gala - award night.

How many types of food to do?
Competing teams will make 3 course menues (Starter - Main Course - Dessert) within the given timeframe.

How many people should our team be at least?
Your team should consist of 4 people.

Should all of our team members be employees of the company we are affiliated with?
Yes, because this is a corporate cooking competition. All of the team members must be employees of the company. .

Can more than one team join from the same company?
Yes, the company applies for each team separately and the scoring of the teams is evaluated separately. The company has to make a distinction among their teams as namily them differently; such as Company 1, Company 2.

What do we need to do for application?
To apply, you must first request an entry form at basvuru@ofistenmutfaga.com. After the application form and the participation fee payment, your participation is done, please follow further instructions.

Do you supply equipment and ingredients in the competition?
Yes, all teh necessary materials are provided by the contest.

How much time we have for the competition?
The duration of the competition is 120 minutes.

Will any training and information be given before the competition?
Before the official competition time on the qualifying tours and final competition day, you will be informed about the competition conditions and practical culinary training.

What menu will be prepared according to what?
It’s a surprise. It’s expected from the participants to decide and create a 3 course meal with all the ingredients that are coming out of the surprise box that we have give to you.

Can the team members mentioned on the application form be changed later?
The names of the team members written on the application form can be changed by written notice before the date of the competition.

How does the jury evaluate ?
The jury evaluates according to such issues ; team work, menu implementation, food safety and hygiene, time management, creativity, presentation, starter, main course and dessert.



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